The tea that you’re about to enjoy was hand-plucked from the misty mountains of Sri Lanka. But this is no ordinary tea.

These leaves were grown on internationally certified organic lands, harvested by certified organic farmer groups, processed & packed at certified organic factories, & brought to you by some truly organic people.

We take care of the people whose hard work brings you this beautiful tea. This ensures that not only their cost of production is always covered, but they are also offered a premium to enhance the living conditions of their families. In addition, no harmful agrochemicals have touched this tea, because we are serious about sustaining the soil, water, & air we inhabit, along with the farming practices that keep us (& our future generations!) healthy. We do it all, so you know exactly where your food comes from, and what you’re endorsing with your purchase.




Premium single grade teas. This range is perfect for everyday use and this range covers all your tea needs from black mild, black strong, gunpowder to green tea.


Double Chamber Tea bags

Rapiditea range comes with 20 double chamber tea bags. This is one of the most popular tea bag styles. This also brews fast as it allows the water to reach the tea from all sides. Rapiditea is the most convenient way to satisfy your tea craving.


Get a taste of our signature blends with our Specialitea. With a variety of flavors, many health benefits, this loose leaf tea range can be the perfect gift or your escape to paradise. As the tea steeps the whole leaves unfurl and expand this tea has a much stronger flavor.