If you come to the physical shop:

01. Find the Ecological logo label with QR code.

02. Get your phone and scan the QR Code.

03. Follow the link that appears.

04. You should now see the farm that produces the food.

If you are an online user:

01. Go to the origin section on the purchasing page.

02. Click on the farm name.

03. You should now see the farm where your food comes from.


Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and GMOs. In order for a producer to their product organic, they must go through a significant process of receiving the organic certification.

Certifying agents; private foreign entities carry out comprehensive top-to-bottom inspections to make sure the operations carried out by the producer meet all organic standards. These inspections are carried out on a regular basis for each produce and this process is very costly.

Ethically Grown concept comes into life - bringing you organically grown fruits and veggies at an affordable rate. Our ethically grown fruits and veggies are coming to you from traditional, small farms that use organic ways and means to cultivate these products. Although these products do not carry the organic certificate; the lands are organic certified and the processes used adhere to the organic standards.

Ethically grown, ecological produce assures that we provide the highest quality, organically grown fruits and vegetables are offered to everyone at an affordable rate.